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Book Signings


Celia Fairchild, is an author behind an enormously popular “Dear Calpurnia” advice column, the brand on which she has built her identity and life. Despite her divorce and single status, an adoption agency agrees to move forward with her application after she is shortlisted as a potential placement. Her last ditch hope for motherhood hangs in the balance, however when she loses her column to a media conglomerate and receives news she has inherited her aunt’s estate in Charleston. With nothing left for her in New York, Celia says goodbye to her former life. Arriving in Charleston, the grand house she remembered has fallen into disrepair, but the community of Charleston is more than ready to welcome her home. With a cast of colorful characters and forgotten figures from her distant past, Celia begins to restore the historical house to its stately prime and, with it, dares to imagine a different future for herself, her newfound family, and the child she so desperately wants. Filled with hope, wit, and quiet wisdom, The Restoration of Celia Fairchild is a balm for the soul and the perfect read for fans of The Lost and Found Bookshop, The Oysterville Sewing Circle, and Evie Drake Starts Over.

New York Times bestselling author Karen White weaves a captivating story of friendship, love, and betrayal that moves between war-torn London during the Blitz and the present day.

London, 1939. Beautiful and ambitious Eva Harlow and her American best friend, Precious Dubose, are trying to make their way as fashion models. When Eva falls in love with Graham St. John, an aristocrat and Royal Air Force pilot, she can’t believe her luck that she’s getting everything she ever wanted. Then the Blitz devastates her world, and Eva finds herself slipping into a web of intrigue, spies, and secrets. As Eva struggles to protect her friendship with Precious and everything she holds dear, all it takes is one unwary moment to change their lives forever…

London, 2019. American journalist Maddie Warner, whose life has been marked by the tragic loss of her mother, travels to London to interview Precious about her life in pre-WWII London. Maddie has been careful to close herself off to others, but in Precious she recognizes someone whose grief rivals her own—but unlike Maddie, Precious hasn’t allowed it to crush her.  Maddie finds herself drawn to both Precious and to Colin, her enigmatic surrogate nephew.  As Maddie gets closer to her, she begins to unravel Precious’s haunting past—a story of friendship, betrayal, and the unremembered acts of kindness and of love.

New Exhibitions

Curated especially for Kennesaw State University’s Year of Cuba, and sponsored by a generous grant from the Breman Foundation of Atlanta, Georgia, The Tragedy of the St. Louis tells the story of more than 900 Jewish refugees who departed Germany in May 1939 hoping to wait safely in Cuba until their U.S. visas were approved. Visitors to this 8-panel bilingual (English and Spanish) traveling exhibit will learn what happened when the Cuban government refused to let the M.S. St. Louis land in Havana. They will also have the opportunity to follow the story of one family whose desire to escape Nazi Germany sent them on a journey that included Cuba, England, the Netherlands, Poland, New York, and ultimately Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Tuskegee Airmen explores the history and heroism of the first African American pilots to fly in combat during World War II. Between 1941 and 1946, what became known as the “Tuskegee experiment” trained more than 1,000 pilots. Although required to train and fight in segregated units, the Tuskegee Airmen proved to be some of the most skilled aviators during the war.

The undeniable courage and skill of these brave pilots contributed to the desegregation of the United States Armed Forces in 1948. This exhibit offers a look into the historical challenges and triumphs of these unsung American heroes.

Classes and Workshops

IMPORTANT COVID ANNOUNCEMENT: All upcoming programs are contingent on public accessibility during this time. Workshops have been modified to protect students and staff from COVID-19. Our guests health and safety are important to us. The following measures are in place during all workshops and classes:
Registration is limited to 10 students.
Workshop to take place either outside or in large Multipurpose Room spaced to accommodate social distancing.
Seating spaced 6+ feet apart.
Each student will have dedicated supplies, none shared.
Increased emphasis on hand washing.
All surfaces and supplies disinfected before use.
Staff will wear masks when in close contact with students.
If students bring drinks only one time use containers are allowed and the container should
have the student’s name written on it.
Click the link below to go to the Sumter County Museum’s General Health and Safety Guidelines:

Pottery Workshop: How to Make a Smartphone Speaker

Pottery is a pre-historic skill used by people in every corner of the world. Many traditions still practiced today are simple in nature and use hand-building. We will learn traditional hand-building using local clay from Bethune, SC. These skills are then used to make monster heads – similar to a face jug – that are also a speaker for a smartphone! Underglazes are used to paint the clay. This workshop includes materials and firings. Student work may be picked up 2 weeks after the original date of the workshop during the Museum’s regular hours of operation in the Williams-Brice House. Ages 8-13. Limited to 10 students. All materials and firings included.

Saturday, February 27th from 1 pm to 4 pm, $30 Public, $25 Members

We are happy to take your payment and registration over the phone at 803-775-0908 or stop by the Williams-Brice House Thursdays-Fridays, 10am to 5pm
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Natural Easter Egg Dyeing Workshop

For this unique, fun, and messy workshop we will be using natural ingredients to dye hard-boiled eggs like blueberries, beets, onion skins, coffee beans, red or purple cabbage, and even certain herbs. These items would have been used in the backcountry of South Carolina during the colonial period. We will show you how to create designs on your eggs using leaves, flowers, and other natural objects. Each participant will leave with several eggs. We will tell you a little about the history and traditions surrounding the Easter egg from different parts of the world and introduce you to a game of luck played in colonial New Amsterdam in the 1600s. “Cracking of eggs” was invented by Jonathon Day and was played on Easter Monday with the winner keeping both eggs.

You must be 10+ to sign up for this class. Students from 5 to 9 years of age can participate if a legal guardian stays with them throughout the workshop to help them.

All supplies are included. Limit of 10 students. Please dress to get messy!

Saturday, April 3rd from 1 pm to 4 pm

$30 Public, $25 Members

We are happy to take your payment and registration over the phone at 803-775-0908 or stop by the Williams-Brice House Thursdays-Fridays, 10am to 5pm
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We understand this has been a difficult year for everyone, and we greatly appreciate your continued support of the Museum. We are in uncharted waters. COVID-19 is present nearly everywhere, and our community is no exception. The Sumter County Museum has an important role to play by continuing to best serve our community in unique and thoughtful ways.

We hope that you have had the chance to participate in some of the Museum’s online efforts, including our live book chats with New York Times bestselling authors, demonstrations of early 19th century crafts and skills, free painting workshops, watched our new series “From the Collection with Charles Broadwell,” and our new digital Scavenger Hunt in our Carolina Backcountry Homestead. Maybe you’ve attended some of our socially-distanced events, like our popular Wreath Workshops and Backcountry Living History days.

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